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We often provide the paint and body work for a complete restoration being managed by another shop.  Dennison International, J&L Fabrication, Wicked Fabrication, and Hot Rod Fabrication are shops in the area that we work with on a regular basis.  We welcome similar relationships with other shops that share our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


We use PPG products and our painters are PPG certified.  Since a paint job is only as good as the surface it is painted over, most projects go through the following process.



  • Disassemble then machine or sand blast to remove old paint and filler, revealing previous repairs, damage, and rust.

  • Sheet metal fabrication to remove and replace rust or damage and to make customizations, such as chop tops.  Our facility is equipped with a metal break, sheer, English wheel, shrinkers, and stretchers.  We are also skilled at fiberglass repair and modification on Corvettes, after-market bodies, and kit cars.


  • Clean the bare metal then apply PPG DP-series epoxy primer.

  • Reassemble and fit doors, fenders, hood, and deck lid.

  • Apply plastic filler and sand to smooth factory waves, ripples, and sheet metal imperfections.


  • Apply polyester filler primer, then 150 grit block sand to remove small imperfections.

  • Disassemble (so that jambs and undersides of panels can be included) then apply K-38 Primer Surfacer.

  • Prep for paint (400/500 grit wet sand).


  • Mask where necessary then apply sealer, basecoat, and clear coat.


  • 600-1000-1500 grit color sand, then polish.


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